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11 February


AGM: Craigieburn Phoenix Rugby Union Club at 12.00pm

Venue: Craigieburn Sporting Club

Address: Craigieburn Rd West (opposite McDonald's)

Time: 12:00pm

Date: 25 February 2012


Message from the President.

 I wish you all well for 2012. We have made our intentions very clear to The Powers That Be down at Victorian Rugby Union, that we would like to join their competition, but our cries have fallen on deaf ears. Local support is very strong for a union side and those that I have spoken to can not believe the stubborness that we have encountered. Perhaps we'll have to wait for a new board, that is progressive and inclusive!



Training 2012

Fitness training tonite for u18's and seniors at 7:30pm, Hothlyn Reserve.


Hothlyn Reserve

120 Hothlyn Drive, Craigieburn

Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Jan.9; 11; 13; 16; 18; 20; 23; 25; 27 & 30.

Please let everyone know, try and make 1 session per week!



Does not look good, even though we have the resources, ground and players, the VRU are still adverse towards our club. We'll try again next year. President



I am pleased to report that we held our Annual General Meeting yesterday. All regulatory requirements were met and discharged. As required by the constitution, all office bearers stood down and were duly re-elected for another term. President - Stevee Tapatu, Secretary / Treasurer - Gloria Tapatu for 2010 - 2011. The next AGM will be held on 30 October 2011.



Hi All:

Craigieburn Phoenix Rugby Union       CPRLC
Annual General Meeting                          AGM
Hothlyn Reserve                                     Hothlyn Reserve
Sunday 2pm                                            Sunday 3pm
Craigieburn                                             Craigieburn
31 October 2010                                    31 October 2010
Agenda for both clubs:
Welcome by President
Annual Financial Statement
Administrators Report 2010
Presidents Report 2010
Elections President, Secretary, Treasurer
Nominations for the above positions must be given to the secretary15minutes before the start of the meeting (forms available at meeting).


Pre-Season training for Seniors has already started, Tue and Thu, 7-8pm @ Mt Ridley, Cnr Grand Boulevard Ave and Windrock Ave. New players welcome.

Memorial service for Lotomau Komiti, Uniting Church Coburg, cnr Sydney Rd and Bell St. tomorrow 29.1.10 @ 5pm. 


New Training Times: Seniors start back on Tuesday January 19 and Thursday 21 January 2010 at Mt Ridley Craigieburn 7:00 to 8:00pm, contact Steven 9308 1041


Death of a Warrior

It is with great sadness that we have received news that a friend and mentor, Lotomau Sugar Komiti has passed away while on holiday with his family in Samoa. Return great warrior, although your time was short here, you left smiles everywhere you went. E le galo oe seia uma la'u manava. Administrator

Wanted - Senior Rugby League Players who can play on SUNDAY's and Senior Rugby Union Player's who can play on SATURDAY's. Call Steven 9308 1041 or email for more info.

Senior Union players start back on Tuesday January 19 at Mt Ridley Craigieburn 6:30 to 7:30pm.



Message from the President - I would like to wish everyone a merry christmas and a prosperous new Year. Keep safe and watch out for one another.

If there are Senior players wanting to play for Phoenix you need to get to training next year. We are planning to enter a team in the Victoria Rugby Union Senior competition 2010, if there is no interest we can concentrate our energies on other projects.

Senior Training - The last training for the Rugby Union Seniors was held today at Mt Ridley. Training will resume on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 6:30pm to 7:30pm. All welcome.

It is with great sadness that we have been instructed by Hume City Council to cancel our Spring/Summer rugby union tag program. The program was very successful as can be seen in the photo gallery and lots of health, fun and fitness was had by all.

AGM - The AGM was held on 22.11.09. All legal and compliance requirements were met. Members can view the minutes in the Platinum Members only section.

May your God Bless you

Stevee - President


Annual General Meeting

22 November 2009

Craigieburn Phoenix Rugby Union Club

3pm at Clubrooms Hothlyn Reserve, 110 Hothlyn Drive Craigieburn 


 Juniors: Wales 5 New Zealand 4

             Australia 4 France 3

Seniors: Bronco's 7 Hot Stuff 7

             Hori Natives 7 Eels 5


Juniors: New Zealand 6 Australia 2 

Seniors: Bronco's 5 Hot Stuff 2

            17 Pihanga 6 Hori Natives 4

            Eels 3 Hot Stuff 5


Team                     P   W   D    L   F    A    Points

New Zealand          1   1              6     2       2

Wales                    1          1                        1

France                   1          1                        1

Australia                1               1   2     6       0 


Team                     P    W   D    L      F      A     Points

Bronco’s                3     1    1         15      7        5

Hori Native’s          2     1         1    9      10        2

17 Pihanga            1     1                6        4       2

Hot Stuff                2     1          1    7        5       2

Cuzzie’s                1          1           3       3        1

Eel’s                      1                1     3       5        0

Natural’s                1                1     4       5        0

Storm                    1                 1    2        7        0


Craigieburn Phoenix Rugby Union and New Generation  

8 Week Junior and Senior - 7 aside Tag Competition

31 October - 19 December 2009


Juniors 9:30 to 10:30

Seniors 10:30 to 12:00

Mt Ridley Reserve

Corner Grand Boulevard Parade and Windrock Avenue, Craigieburn. 

Junior Division Ages 5 – 12 years, Mixed.

Senior Division 13+ Mixed.

Cost $1 per person per day. 

Contact: Steven Tapatu 9308 1041


Tag results:

Juniors: Wales 4  France 4

Seniors: Bronco's 7  Storm 2

             Naturals 4 Hori Natives 5                          

             Bronco's 3 Cuzzie's 3


Team                     P   W   D    L   F    A    Points

Wales                    1           1          4    4            1

France                   1           1          4    4            1


New Zealand       



Team                     P   W   D    L   F      A     Points

Bronco’s               2     1    1         10      5        3

Hori Native’s         1     1                5       4        2

Cuzzie’s                1           1          3       3       1

Natural’s               1                1     4       5       0

Storm                    1                1     2      7        0


The bus will depart Craigieburn Police Station at 9:00am sharp for the VRU South Pacific Cup. Please make sure you have the necessary Consent and Medical forms. I will bring some spare forms for parents to sign tomorrow. Steven 


Craigieburn Phoenix Rugby Union and New Generation  

8 Week Junior and Senior - 7 aside Tag Competition

31 October 2009


Juniors 9:30 to 10:30

Seniors 10:30 to 12:00

Mt Ridley Reserve

Corner Grand Boulevard Parade and Windrock Avenue, Craigieburn. 

Junior Division Ages 5 – 12 years, Mixed.

Senior Division 13+ Mixed.

Cost $1 per person per day. 

Contact: Steven Tapatu 9308 1041



We are not having a training session this Friday. The attached forms need to be filled in before Saturday. 
We will be leaving the Broadmeadows police station at 
09 30 sharp  and will be back no later than 5.30 probably a little earlier.
We will provide BBQ lunch
Hat Sunscreen
Snacks and drink
Playing gear shorts runners etc
We will be given 40 T shirts to play in and at this stage I  am pretty sure the players will be able to keep them(will check up on this) 
I will ask if the bus can pick up at Craigieburn Police Station!
You can download the Consent and Medical forms here.


Backyard Rugby Union in conjunction with VRU and Vic Police

Training Resumes after the school holidays at Gibb Reserve Blair Street Dallas, 4:30 to 6:00pm 9th October and 16 October. All welcome to attend. The game will be held at Box Hill on the 24 October. We will meet at Craigieburn Police Station, 24 Oct. at 8:00am, the bus will depart shortly after, pick up at Broadmeadows Police station then direct to Box Hill. 


Training resumes this Friday 21.08.09 at Gibb Reserve, Broadmeadows. All welcome, we will be defending the trophy we won last year at Box Hill's South Pacific Rugby Union tournament. 

VRU South Pacific Rugby Cup

About the Event 

The event will be held in late October as part of the growth of Victorian rugby  

This event will include 6 Victorian represented Teams from 6 Cultural backgrounds being.

Australia, Cook Islands, Fiji, New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga. 

The event will have over 200 Rugby participants including coaching staff, Managers, runners , physio etc and over 100 participants in Cultural performances and stalls. We expect to have over 4000 people attend the Rugby tournament.

HUME Backyard Rugby Key Dates: 

· 14th August - NO Session– Week off 

· 21st August– Training session & Presentation in Hall @ Rugby Club 

· 4th September - Training Session @ Blair Street 

· 18th September- Training Session @ Blair Street 

· 21st September– 2nd October School Holidays 

· 9th October– Training Session @ Blair Street 

· 23rd October– Training Session @ Blair Street  

· Regular updates on additional trainings/info sessions will be

 advertised at these sessions  


Interest in our Rugby Union program is as follows: Under 10 - 1; Under 14 - 1; Under 16 - 1; Under 18 - 4. We are well short of viable numbers to enter the VRU competition. However, Rugby Union players will be given preference to join the existing Phoenix league teams. Those who still wish to play this year can follow the links below.

You can register here to express an interest in supporting Hume City RUC. Click here to find a club near you.


 Meeting at Gibbs reserve Dallas, at 6:30pm, 4 February. To discuss the feasibility of running two Junior teams (Under 8's and Under 10's) in the Vic. Rugby Union competition, commencing this year. Parents, friends, and relatives are invited to attend. Light supper provided, if possible, RSVP before Jan. 30, with numbers attending. All welcome.


18 Dec 08

Grand Finals Tag Competition

Venue: Gibb Reserve, Dallas

10:00 - 11:30, Sat. 20 Dec. 08

Norths v Souths

Gibb Res. Dallas

12:00 Sat. 20 Dec. 08

Training tonite, Hothlyn Res. 

These are the training nites over the Xmas - New Year Holidays:

Times: 6:30 to 7:30

Dec. 23, 25, 30 Jan. 1, 6, 8,13, 15, 20, 22, 27, 29.

Enjoy your break, merry xmas and happy new year.

9 Dec. 2008

Our club was incorporated on 5 Dec. Submissions have been made to the Australian Tax Office for a GST number, Tax File number, Australian Business Number and exemptions on bank fees and income. An introductory program will be held in January 2009 for aspiring teenagers who would like to play union. This program is called 'Backyard Rugby' and is run in conjunction with Victoria Police. Date and venue to follow. Our senior players train Tue and Thu at Hothlyn Reserve 6:30 - 7:30, all welcome. Players, families, friends, supporters, wanna bee club officials, volunteers are all required to make this work. No contribution is too big or too small.

17 Nov. 08

Phoenix is planning to enter teams in the Victorian Rugby Union competition 2009 - subject to affiliation and local interest.

Anyone interested in playing are invited to a series of meetings to be held over the next 3 weeks.

Players, need only attend one meeting, which will be held at the same time, venue and on the following dates:

Venue: Hothlyn Reserve 

Time: 7:30pm

Dates: Thursday's Nov. 20, Nov. 27, Dec. 4  



Wisdom of Wayne Dyer

When you seek a path to any new truth, you must expect to find it blocked by ‘expert opinion.’

Albert Guérard

An emotional plague afflicts people whose belief systems are so rigid they ignore relevant facts and become enraged if anyone challenges their beliefs.

Wilhelm Reich

For every PhD., there is an equal and opposite PhD.

Gibson’s Law

Anyone can pilot an improbability, but it takes a special touch to fly and safely land an absurdity.

Kurt Kuzba

A genius is someone who aims at a target no one else can see—and hits it!

Anthony Quinn

The main purpose of science is to investigate the unexplained, not to explain the uninvestigated.

Dr. Stephen Rorke

The supreme arrogance of religious thinking is that a carbon-based bag of mostly water on a speck of ironsilicate dust around a boring dwarf star in a minor galaxy in an unfashionable suburb of (our) supercluster would look up at the sky and declare: “It was all made so that I could exist!”

Peter Walker

Wisdom of Wayne Dyer

You’re not a human being having a spiritual experience. You’re a spiritual being having a human experience.

All the abundance you want is already here. You just have to tune it in.

Three things clog your soul: negativity, judgment, and imbalance.

Everything in the universe flows. You can’t get a hold of water by clutching it. Let your hand relax, though, and then you can experience it.

The whole universal system is held together through love, harmony and cooperation. If you use your thoughts according to these principles, you can transcend anything that gets in your way.

Perhaps you’ll be surprised to learn that there’s no such thing as a nervous breakdown. Nerves don’t breakdown. People choose to.

Having a plan isn’t necessarily unhealthy, but falling in love with the plan is a real neurosis…don’t let your plan become bigger than you are.

Thoughts, when properly nourished and internalised, will become a reality in your world of form. Thoughts are extremely powerful things.

Ultimately, there’s nothing to forgive, because there’s nothing to judge and no one to blame

Positive thoughts keep you in harmony with the universe.

Traffic, in and of itself, can never irritate anybody. It just does what it does. Traffic doesn’t care.

We can only give away to others what we have inside ourselves.

Be willing to let anything happen.

Each time you send love in response to hate, you diffuse the hate.

Forgiveness is an act of self-love.

If you step back far enough, it’s easy to see humanity as one.

What you see is evidence of what you believe. Believe it and you’ll see it.

All your behaviour results from the thoughts that precede it.

In reality, it’s much easier not to smoke or eat chocolate than to do so. It’s your mind that convinces you otherwise.

Anything you must have comes to own you. Ironically, when you release it, you start getting more of it.

In order to make a visualisation a reality in the world of form, you must be willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Whatever the question, love is the answer.

I once gave the refrigerator repairman several of my books and tapes. The repairman asked, “How do you ever expect to make any money when you give away all your stuff?” I replied, “When the day comes that you don’t have to ask me that question, you’ll have the answer.”

Nothing is formed. Nothing dies. Everything is simply in transition.

If you control your thoughts and your feelings come from your thoughts, then you control your feelings.

If you only believe what you see, then you’re limited to what’s on the surface. If you only believe what you see, why do you pay your electric bill?

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